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KOTD – Rap Battle – Dizaster vs Math Hoffa

Hosted By: @LushOne & @OrganikHipHop
KOTD PPV’S available at


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Understanding Ukraine: The Problems Today and Some Historical Context

In which John discusses the crisis in Ukraine, and how the influence of Russia and Europe have shaped Ukrainian politics for centuries. REMINDER: Educational videos are allowed to be more than four minutes long.

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Star Threatens Ebro at Total Slaughter (Video)

As we previously reported, VladTV captured exclusive footage of Star confronting Ebro at the recent Total Slaughter battle event. We initially ignited a firestorm of fan interest when we posted an Instagram photo of them together discussing past issues while at the event. Despite what some doubters were saying in the comments on Instagram, the footage clearly shows Star walk up to Ebro and threaten to slap his colleague Peter Rosenberg, and Ebro as well. Ebro showed no fear and countered Star’s threats by stating that he was all bark with no bite. He even stuck out his chin taunting Star to slap him at one point.

The tension was high throughout the entire exchange. Watch the video above to see how it all played out.

Do you think Star will slap Pete...

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TALK YUH MIND Vol.10 [Richie Feelings confront Tony Matterhorn]

‘Talk Yuh Mind’ © 2014 is Demarco’s new online reality series giving viewers an uncut perspective into the Jamaican Dancehall culture and viewpoint on various topical issues.
Directed by || True Gift Entertainment (TGE)
Follow on Twitter & Instagram || @DEMARCODADON
Media Relations || 1(876) 331.9362 ||­

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TEFLON INTERVIEW – Onstage March 1 2014

Onstage sat down with Teflon , touched on his present buzz in the Dancehall/Reggae music . His album landing in the top 20 charts on itunes , feathered in Grand Theft Auto V and more …

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SMACK/ URL The leaders of the MC Battle culture do it again with their fourth installment of their marquis event NOME. This battle is a rematch between Charlie Clips of Harlem, NY and Tay Roc of Baltimore, MD
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Trav on Beef w/ 50 Cent: We Argued Long Before Fight

Trav sat down and chopped it up with VladTV about his past with G-Unit, where he now stands with the group’s members, and just how close he was with the crew.

In a rare moment, Trav opens up about the on-stage altercation he had with 50 Cent while in Atlanta, saying he wasn’t even aware that 50 was in ATL when he caught a flight to the city courtesy of Meek Mill. He claims that while other rappers may have stayed away, he’s not the type to avoid an issue and went to the show. Trav also shares that he and 50 actually spoke right after the incident and that 50′s son Marquise was in his hotel room, which segued into how close Trav is with the G-Unit family.

Trav doesn’t understand why his issues with 50 should affect his relationship with 50′s son, wh...

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Queens New York own Kranium live on Onstage – discuss getting his big break in the music industry , drake covering his song and not being based in Jamaica .

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Smack Talks Lessons Learned From Math & Serius Fight

Smack White, the founder of Smack/URL, spoke with Battle Rap Journalist Michael Hughes about the various lessons he learned from Summer Madness 3 in this clip from his exclusive interview with VladTV.

Leading up to SM3, Smack didn’t put out much promotional footage for the event aside from a brief teaser clip to hype the Swave Sevah vs. Daylyt battle. This time around leading up to NOME 4, Smack honed in on URL’s roots and released an in-depth documentary that has gotten loads of views, in order to properly promote the event.

Smack also discussed his decision to return to setting up battles featuring combatants with a bigger name and Battle Rap profile, as opposed to experimenting with putting “bars over names,” like he did in SM3 in order to pleas...

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